Our sales locations are great business solutions, because they allow us to avoid large rental costs, which are imposed for permanent/stationary sales points. We have produced as many as a few hundred food trailers, so we gained large knowledge on construction solutions and trailer equipment. Our technical solutions allow users to install the trailer in any place within an hour.




We have tested many stoves for baking kołacz. Unfortunately, none satisfied our high expectations of quality and efficiency. In collaboration with a construction designer, we have developed a stove that combines high efficiency, highest quality, practicality of use, and an affordable price. Our stoves are guarantee-protected and come with a full maintenance service – including a back-up stove, if necessary.




Without question, the most important factor for running this business is location. With this in mind, "Kołacz na Okrągło" offers places that allow you to maximise your sales figures.

Our pints of sales are located mainly next to shopping centres, which ensures large numbers of potential clients passing by seven days a week and from the morning to late evening. We cooperate with the largest retailers such as Tesco, Kaufland, Intermarche, Leclerc, Carrefour or Inter Ikea. This allows to give our Franchisees the best locations across Poland!



We offer Franchisees different forms of financing. Each case is analysed individually. This way, we have devised a series of solutions for setting up a sales point with minimal own contribution (right from 10 thousand PLN) and for developing your own effective model of operation, so that any person with some entrepreneurial qualities will be able to establish an own business. With attractive conditions of financing, each Entrepreneur will be able to achieve a high rate of return on his or her investment.



Another step after starting your own business, obtaining finances, choosing a location, training, and receiving a trailer with a stove is to start selling. At this stage, we also provide full support for our Franchisees. We give a tested system for supplying highest quality goods directly to your point of sale, we provide full maintenance support, and a range of tools for having control over your sales. We also provide full marketing support for the whole time of our collaboration.



"Kołacz na Okrągło" is a recognisable chain that has been appreciated by Customers. We choose quality and high production and service standards: Customer satisfaction is in the centre. For the purposes of sales, we rent spaces that haven't been taken before, which makes for an additional profit for the shopping centre and a complementation of its offer. We go with our sales outside the shopping centre, therefore we attract new, potential clients for the centre. We prefer a win-to-win model, so that each party to our business may enjoy success.


SWEET GALLERY Spółka Cywilna


ul. Powstańców Śląskich 89/141

01-355 Warszawa, Poland


Foreign customers operational support


Tel.: +48 537 631 631



Ul. Jutrzenki 99/101
02-231 Warszawa


Phone: +48 887 887 514


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