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We all love new culinary ideas and are curious to try new tastes from different corners of the world. A franchise street food dubbed "Kołacz na Okrągło" comes from the fascination of original Hungarian spit cakes called Kurtosh cakes ("Kołacz" in Polish), which are sold in the many street stalls in Budapest. The desire to familiarise Polish people with this unique baked product led to an entirely new business idea: a street food franchise called "Kołacz na Okrągło" that would provide these original treats.

"Kołacz na Okrągło" is currently the best franchise in Poland. We offer an all-year business and your own point of sale with kurtoshes. Thanks to our collaboration with the largest retail chains in Poland and many shopping centres across the whole country, we are able to offer our Franchisees attractive locations. In the time of rise of the street food market, selling kurtosh is a business that fits in with current trends. If you add the unforgettable smell of kurtosh/ kołacz, you get a proven recipe for success!

Best franchise offer!


"Kołacz na Okrągło" is the only turn-key franchise in Poland, which means it has been designed to quickly transfer all the knowledge of how to run your own business. Experience is not required – we provide full training on both theory and practice. We also provide full marketing support, which makes us the most profitable franchise for our Franchisees. 

A turn-key franchise means that when a franchisee decides to work with us, he gets: a fully-equipped trailer, training, know-how, a permit from the Sanepid institution to run a food business, and assistance in finding a location or a selected location, which is a vital aspect for such sort of business activity. We also assist you in obtaining financial aid (a bank credit, leasing) in of the largest Polish banks. With all this, an investment of only 10 thousand PLN allows you to have a business that operates the whole your round with a high rate of return.  




"Kołacz na Okrągło" is currently the largest and the most dynamically growing street food chain in Poland. A modern form of buying food from a food truck together with a niche product makes our food products incredibly attractive to Customers.

Over just 3 years, we have managed to open 250 street food franchise locations, which continue to attract crowds of Customers.

We quickly react to changes in the market, so we have been able to build the best franchise points of sale, which perfectly harmonise with the architecture of modern shopping centres in the whole country.

Street food in diverse forms is an inseparable part of the Polish food landscape.



EXCELLENT Kołacz na Okrągło

"Kołacz na Okrągło" combines the fascination of unique Hungarian treat, the desire to share it with adults and children in Poland, and out years' long franchise experience. Kołacz that we offer are baked from 100% natural ingredients. Its superb taste stimulates Customers that are heading to the shipping centre, it attracts crowds that impatiently wait to get another, traditionally baked product. One bite is enough to fall in love with this unusual delicacy and always want more.

SWEET GALLERY Spółka Cywilna


ul. Powstańców Śląskich 89/141

01-355 Warszawa, Poland

Foreign customers operational support
Tel.: +48 537 631 631



Ul. Jutrzenki 99/101
02-231 Warszawa

Phone: +48 887 887 514


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